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We Believe In The Success Of Our Community

Giving back Bellevue, WA Voya Financial Advisors

Giving Back is the
First Step

Our firm prides itself on spending time with the community that has so graciously shown support over the years. We’re creative when it comes to giving back, and we are always coming up with new ways to make a positive impact on the world around us.

Some Of The Ways We
Support Our Community Include

Day of Service

We dedicate a day of service on a quarterly basis to giving back to the community that has wholeheartedly supported us for years.

From park clean up efforts, to painting barns for an equine rescue organization, we have worked with non-profit organizations who benefit from our 20+ staff assisting with their projects.

Specific Areas of Support

Through creativity and brainstorming, we find new ways to engage with organizations that are also demographics that we serve. The Special Olympics has a need for assistance and they are a large group of individuals we service through specific planning and support for the special needs community and their caregivers.

We also support specific education efforts for Northwest Center (a non-profit organization in Seattle, Washington). Our time is spent teaching their clientele about budgeting and basic money management skills as their clients enter the workplace for the first time.

Community Events

Quite regularly, we utilize tent/booth/table space at various events to provide a presence and opportunity to the community. We have found through the years that members of the community have questions, but they don’t often wake up with a sudden urge to contact an advisor for solutions.

By attending these community events (local and community fairs, farmer’s markets, Fun Run/5Ks, etc.) we provide an opportunity for attendees to get to know our team and ask about questions or challenges they are facing.

Education for Employees

From small, family-owned businesses to worldwide corporations, we have collaborated with companies to provide educational opportunities to their employees through brown bag lunches, online webinars and in-person education modules.

Topics of education range from Financial Planning 101 to a deep dive on how to use life insurance to create a family legacy. We offer an extensive library of knowledge and content for companies and workplaces to choose from.

Have ideas to get involved? Bellevue, WA Voya Financial Advisors

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