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Have you heard about the Summer Slugger Program? Thumbnail

Have you heard about the Summer Slugger Program?

Parents! Looking for something fun and educational for your kids grade 4-5?


We’ve been hearing from some of our clients and friends that the added pressures of stepping into the new roles of education coordinator/teacher/IT trouble shooter have been incredibly challenging to navigate. The pressures of working from home while everyone is on top of each other, being a good partner/spouse, being a good parent, and getting in some exercise all while attempting to maintain some semblance of productivity and balance. We believe that these times are challenging even for the most grounded of humans and we’re willing to wager that we have all felt some of those triggering affects of not feeling in control, given the current pandemic. Here is a strategy that could help buy you a few moments. Perhaps it’s time to help your kids explore… Joining the Club!

The Seattle Mariners and Major League Baseball are rolling out the Summer Slugger program a bit early this year to help parents have an option for digital educational engagement and fun! 

 Log on to SummerSlugger.com/mariners and help your child become the newest recruit for the Seattle Mariners! 

Summer Slugger, a Seattle Mariners Education initiative

A program intended to help prevent the ‘summer slide’ by offering kids grades 4th -5th baseball themed games that reinforce key math and literacy skills. Kids get to create their own customized avatar that will guide them through the games and help them earn points and unlock new levels throughout the summer. This is a free program that has a focus on topics ranging from spelling, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, units of measure, place value, arithmetic, and geometry. 

Here’s how to join the fun! 

  1. Visit summerslugger.com/mariners
  2. Click “I have a code”
  3. Enter “mariners” & create your account
  4. Add a parent/mentor email to hear more about Summer Slugger opportunities with your local Club
  5. Click “Get Started” – and HAVE FUN!

If you've found great opportunities for your child this summer, let us know!  We are always looking to be a hub of information and sharing about the amazing resources out there for parents, kids, and families!