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Spencer Hill Thumbnail

Spencer Hill

Spencer Hill

Investment Advisor Representative
P: (425) 698-1718
E: spencer.hill@voyafa.com

“How do we plan for retirement while raising six kids?” This was the question that my parents struggled with throughout my life, and the driving force for my passion for the financial services industry. I want to show people that, with proper planning, this isn’t a one or the other question – that you can both raise a family and have a dignified retirement. As a financial planner, I build a collaborative relationship with my clients in order to create a plan on how to efficiently reach their most important life goals, and help them to feel confident in and empowered by their financial decisions.

I focus on working with employees in the technology and aerospace industries, and have a vast and deep understanding of their complicated benefit programs, enabling me to provide sound navigation through complex compensation structures and company stock questions. People with families and those in the “red zone”, five to ten years out from retirement, greatly benefit from having a team standing behind them while they make some of life’s most daunting decisions.

I am also passionate about educating our community about the world of finance. This topic is important, but also not taught or talked about anywhere, and so it’s extremely easy to fall behind on the current financial landscape. You will often find me out in the community at various events offering answers and solutions to the community’s financial questions. I believe that education is the key to helping people make more informed decisions, and ultimately allowing them to be proud of their financial progress.