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Michel Smith, CRPC®

Voya Digital Adviser

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Michel Smith, CRPC®

Investment Advisor Representative

michel.smith@voyafa.com (425) 698-1707

What Hollywood movie is based on YOUR life? As an amateur screenwriter and filmmaker, it often seems like we are all starring in a movie about our own life. The story begins when we find ourselves facing a financial problem that we must solve and realize we must do something! This could be saving for college, health care concerns for our selves/spouse/children/parents, making the decision to retire, or selling a business. We can call this our First Act in a three act screenplay.

As a financial advisor, we partner with you to write the Second and Third Act of your movie to make sure we design the ending you want. What are your choices? What can you do? Together, we analyze scenarios, and if some end up unachievable, we re-write and select an alternative storyline that leads to the desired outcome.

 As we know, it’s not always that simple. There are things that will happen that we couldn’t take into consideration. Our lives are constantly changing, and we continue to learn and develop throughout the different phases of life. With our help, you can consistently analyze and explore situations with your desired outcome in view, and make changes in real-time.

In the Third Act, your story and subplots should all be resolved. The kids have gone to college, the business has been sold, your legacy secured. The earlier feeling of uncertainty and fear is gone and we can feel confident that our desired ending will play out.

In our practice, we provide you with clarity and direction through the confusing financial landscape. We also partner with top-tier professionals in many areas including estate, special needs, and business attorneys, CPA/tax professionals, and other service organizations to help you consistently make sound financial decisions.

My passion for local businesses and our community shines through. You can often find me at vintage record stores searching for original pressings of Jamaican singles and at local parks or child friendly spaces with my wife Renee, and daughters Zoe and Sofie. 

Access my calendar and let’s talk about your story.