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Jason Hewett Thumbnail

Jason Hewett

Jason Hewett

Investment Advisor Representative
P: (425) 429-3102
E: jason.hewett@voyafa.com

A financial advisor can mean hundreds of different things. Here’s what it means to me:

  • A trusted friend to help find answers to tough questions
  • A coach for planning future goals
  • A teacher for a wide range of financial topics
  • A fortified resource for major life decisions
  • A dependable relationship for years to come

 I chose to become a financial advisor to help all families and individuals see the path to each one of their goals. It’s truly important to me to learn about every client’s situation and begin a lifelong relationship. Young families, career professionals and self-starters make up the clientele in my business, so I hope to work just as hard for them as they work for their own family. By being a trustworthy and diligent financial advisor, I set out to bring confidence to all of my clients. Some of the big questions that I help my clients with include: Am I saving enough to achieve my goals and successfully fund my desired retirement? How should I save for my children’s college without sacrificing my own savings toward retirement? How can I best protect my retirement savings as I approach the end of my career? 

Graduating from Washington State University, I received a Bachelor of Science in Economic Sciences with specialization in Financial Markets. Originally from the Seattle area, I am now living in Bellevue and have always wanted to build my career in this region. Voya’s community outreach program has allowed me to support many different activities around the greater Seattle area. Some events I’ve been able to contribute to include 5k runs, marathons, festivals, conventions, holiday gatherings, community markets, and school events. Outside of working in the office and the community, you can find me rooting for the WSU Cougars, watching Seahawks games and following several different soccer teams. While enjoying the beautiful pacific northwest scenery, golf has become my favorite outdoor activity with recreational soccer and tennis following right behind.