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Erik Alexander Thumbnail

Erik Alexander

Erik Alexander

Investment Advisor Representative
P: (425) 698-1705
E: erik.alexander@voyafa.com

I was originally attracted to becoming a financial advisor for two reasons: the ability to coach and help people achieve their aspirations, and to create a career for myself that would be both challenging and rewarding. I have always pushed myself to achieve and excel, and the determination that helped me to successfully train for and complete the NYC marathon is the same attitude that I bring to each client.

My clients, many of whom are tenured business professionals, have worked extremely hard to get where they are in their lives. I lend my experience and precise attention to detail to develop a personalized financial plan which helps to ensure that, no matter what life dishes out in the future, they are able to take care of themselves and their families. My extensive knowledge of employer programs, such as RSUs and stock options, combined with continuous monitoring of the financial plans I create, helps to build a long-lasting relationship based on a foundation of confidence and trust.

If you are driven and optimistic about your direction in life, let’s work together to put you on the path to success.