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Adam Pitt Thumbnail

Adam Pitt

Adam Pitt

Investment Advisor Representative
P: (425) 429-3109
E: adam.pitt@voyafa.com

Growing up, I watched each of my parents create a business designed around servicing individuals and making lifelong relationships. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be able to build a career around supporting individuals and helping them solve their concerns.

I’ve always felt fulfilled being able to create efficiencies and help people avoid common financial pitfalls that can derail someone’s financial future. Whether it has been providing strategies to address long term care, finding creative ways to minimize taxes, or creating a road map to retirement, making a positive impact on someone’s life has always been my top priority.

I work the best with individuals who have real concerns about their future but don’t have the time or energy to troubleshoot their problems in addition to managing their career and caring for their families. Building strong, on-going relationships to address client concerns and achieve their goals in a collaborative way is an enjoyable process for me and it is something I hold a lot of pride in.